Shanghai – Hidden Crown Jewel

CleanTech is an organization promoting the adoption of clean technologies intended to reduce the environmental footprint, especially in developing countries. They organized a series of meetings in Beijing and Shanghai between eco-friendly technology companies, like ours, and potential customers. China’s roaring production rate requires a lot of power, mostly generated by burning coal. The non-combustible portion of that coal pollutes the near-Earth atmosphere and causes severe health and ecological problems for China and some of its neighbors.

The pollution is so intense that measuring it has become part of a daily routine designed to minimize exposure to these highly carcinogenic substances. On average, in the industrial part of China, the sun is only visible 10% of the time. Murky grey clouds tightly fill the space between buildings, cars, humans and factories. Unfortunately, Shanghai’s unique, Europe-inspired architecture and beautifully designed skyscrapers are hidden by the dark clouds, and can only be admired occasionally when they lift. During the worst part of the day, even lights are difficult to see.