Saint Petersburg – Home City

My beautiful home city, Saint Petersburg, features the so-called “white nights” in the summer to compensate its residents for all the “dark days” in the winter. The shortest night, with a 40-minute time interval between sunrise and sunset, is on June 22. Around the same time a major celebration is happening for all graduates – from high schools, colleges, universities, academies and so on.

The celebration, “Scarlet Sails”, is named after the notoriously famous novel by Aleksander Green and features a beautiful sail ship gliding in the delta of the Neva River. Unfortunately, I missed the sails along with another spectacular celebration of Russia's Navy Day, as my travel is not for leisure.
My travel is about Advenira’s mission to bring energy-saving environmentally friendly coating technology to end users.
For me, it is remarkable that Russia, similar to Japan, is highly determined to implement these environmental improvements. Friction reduction and corrosion protection are raising a wide interest among various manufacturers.