Environmentalist, Nanotechnology Scientist, President, CTO and Full-Time Business Traveler, Dr. Elmira Ryabova talks…

I was told I should keep a travel blog to keep my eye on things that are worth sharing whenever I’m traveling. Well, I’m traveling all the time, like we all are: traveling through space, through time, to different places, across new ideas.

Travelers used to spread the word to and from the outside world ages and ages ago. They are the ones we have to thank for the bits and pieces of information they brought to their contemporaries. Those who were skilled in writing – only a few back then – would write down this information on clay tablets or parchment, or birch tree bark, creating an image of their time. And nowadays we get all excited to learn that ancient Egyptians traditionally worshiped the Moon (Amun). Then for the short duration of Akhenaten’s reign they worshiped the Sun (Aten), and thereafter returned to the Moon’s cult under King Tut. These transitions brought about the death of many people, the destruction of temples and shrines, a weakening of the economy, and the steady deterioration of ancient Egyptian civilization. For what?

We’ve learned since then that it is indeed the Sun that brings protons together in its nuclear reactor, forming heavier atoms and ejecting them far away to provide the building blocks of matter for our planet and all the others in the solar system. And we have all the reasons in the world to worship the Sun for our own existence. The role of the Moon is, however, also significant and yet to be understood completely. Can we worship both? Or, using our modern language, can their importance be recognized without fighting over assigning priority to each? Probably the answer is yes. But it’s been a while since the Egyptians have been in charge; and since then we’ve developed much more complicated beliefs, in the name of which we’ve had tremendous confrontations over the nature and the directives of the Divine.

We’ve also come a long way in our understanding of the world, burning everyone who was creative enough to pioneer a breakthrough idea about our planet being spherical, or, later -- and even scarier -- rotating around the Sun. So what? We canonized them later and continue our progress in making fairy tales a reality. We can fly in the sky and swim in the water. We can talk with people a thousand miles away and see them like we’re in the same room. We can replace hearts and kidneys, and can clone a life form itself.

It’s been quite a journey! From the Garden of Eden down North and South, East and West, all the way to the poles of the Earth.

How did we survive the long and cold nights without the Sun? What kept us warm moving away from the equator? We’ve got a “gift” from Prometheus – fire! Never in my life until now was I able to understand why Zeus punished him so harshly.

Now we know that burning fossil fuels kills our atmosphere. We know it is necessary to minimize their usage until we find a better way of generating energy – Clean Energy.

- Elmira Ryabova