Thixorion® – Durable Thin Dielectric

SDN® Thixorion® is a Al-Si hybrid nanocomposite liquid-based coating material, has an excellent combination of mechanical, electrical and chemical resistant properties that makes it unique and highly desirable for a variety of applications from Electronics and Machinery to Decorative:

Product Features:

  • Excellent Dielectric Breakdown Strength: 200V/um @ 3-5μm thickness;
  • Abrasion Resistance, ASTM 4060: 3.9mg @1000 cycles;
  • Chemical Resistant, with excellent Adhesion and Hardness;
  • Can be deposited as a conformal or planarizing coating. Planarizing coatings have very low surface roughness (Ra) with friction reduction functionality;
  • Can be used to seal porous substrates, including anodization and plasma spray coatings;
  • Colorless, transparent, with excellent gloss;
  • Can be synthesized to meet reduced trace metal requirements.

Typical substrates: trimetal, brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, glass, quartz, and ceramics.

Typical applications: Electronics, Aerospace, Robotics, Electric Motors, Telecom, PCB encapsulation, Connectors, Machinery, Decorative, Flexible Electronics, LEDs and other applications.

Download: SDN® Thixorion® TDS

Advenira’s SDN® coating materials have been validated and accepted by multiple companies in various industries, including Automotive, Appliances, Aerospace, Coil, Construction, Display, Electronics, Glass, Marine, Medical Devices, Metal Finishing, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Power Generation, Water and many others.

The SDN® coatings are very low or zero VOC, HAPs-compliant and chrome-free formulations designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates.