AdvenShield™ – Glass-like Hard Coat


SDN® AdvenShield™ coatings family has been engineered as a Thin Hard Coating with the best balanced and unique set of properties to enhance Touch Screens and Displays functionality, protect Polycarbonate and other abrasion sensitive substrates by Effective Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare and "glass-like" Hard Coating solutions.

Product Features:

  • Excellent Optical Properties: Anti-Reflective for glass and PC - Haze <0.2%;
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance: up to 9H Pencil Hardness, ΔHaze<2% @1000 cycles;
  • Excellent Resistance to hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and salt water;
  • Strong Dielectric: 140V/um @20°C, DBV 3kV @20μm;
  • Can be applied over ITO/SiO2, and other coatings;
  • Feasible integration into existing production process flows.

Typical substrates: Glass, Polycarbonate, TCO coated substrates and others.

Typical applications: Touch Screens, Sensors, Optical and Electronic Devices, Polycarbonate Glazing and others.

Download: SDN® AdvenShield™ TDS

Advenira’s SDN® coating materials have been validated and accepted by multiple companies in various industries, including Automotive, Appliances, Aerospace, Coil, Construction, Display, Electronics, Glass, Marine, Medical Devices, Metal Finishing, Oil & Gas, Plastics, Power Generation, Water and many others.

The SDN® coatings are very low or zero VOC, HAPs-compliant and chrome-free formulations designed to comply with federal and local environmental mandates.

Advenira® provides services including application of AdvenGuard™, AdvenShield™, ClearCorr®, and ClearCorrUV® coatings for corrosion protection, surface abrasion protection, and dielectric applications.  Please contact us for inquiries and pricing.