Impermion® – Functional Topcoat

SDN® Impermion® coatings family has been engineered and successfully validated in multiple applications as extremely Durable, Anti-Reflective, Easy Cleaning and Anti-Soiling coating solutions for glass and ceramic surfaces.

While keeping the main set of properties the same, we have been able to develop and fine-tune various coating formulations depends on final desirable functionality, substrate type and product design. Should it be more Anti-Reflective, Anti-Soiling or Easy Cleaning with advanced Durability - that is exactly our area of expertise and SDN® Impermion® capability.

SDN® Impermion® can be integrated into industrial production at full glass size. At low cost by liquid-based atmospheric and room temperature SDN® Technology.

A wide range of specific cases has been released and validated for Automotive Glass, Architectural Low-e, Solar and Appliances Glass.

SDN® Impermion® coatings family is designed to:

    1.  Create extremely durable, anti-reflective, easy cleaning and anti-soiling properties;
    2.  Increase lifetime and reliability of functional glass;
    3.  Strengthen glass and ceramic glass products;
    4.  Provide excellent appearance and optical performance;
    5.  Be easily integrated into existing production process flows at low cost.

Served industries: Architectural, Automotive and Transportation, Solar, Furniture, Bathroom, Appliances Glass and Ceramics.

In fact, our customers can rely on long lasting advanced functionality at low cost by liquid-based SDN® Technology.

The basic set of SDN® Impermion® advantages:

    •  Superior Mechanical Durability - more than 3x better than uncoated glass or typical solar anti-reflective coating materials;
    •  Anti-Soiling - 5x better anti-soiling than uncoated glass;
    •  Anti-Reflective - up to 3%ΔTL from single side and single layer coating;
    •  Strengthening - up to 80% improvement of annealed glass;
    •  Easy Cleaning and Extremely Chemical Resistance.

We are confident that Advenira’s SDN® Platform offers the best balanced combination of durable, anti-soiling, anti-reflective, easy cleaning and strengthening coating materials at low cost by atmospheric and room temperature SDN® Technology.