DiffusGuard™- Diffusion Barrier for Glass


Thin-film and high purity SDN® DiffusGuard™ coatings family is extremely effective against alkali metal ion diffusion from the glass enabling impurity sensitive devices to be built on low cost glass substrates and increase efficiency and longevity of functional optical coatings.

SDN® DiffusGuard™ is engineered to:

    1.  Effectively protect sensitive optical coatings against alkali metal ion diffusion and degradation;
    2.  Improve the fracture toughness, repair scuffs, scratches, corrosion marks and other surface defects;
    3.  Protect glass against scratches and damages from handling and processing;
    4.  Reduce glare and reflection with superior appearance;
    5.  be easily integrated into existing production process flows at low cost.

As a result, our customers can improve their products performance and longevity, production throughput and yield by reconditioning glass with minor cosmetic defects, substantially decrease their OPEX by using low-cost soda lime glass instead of borosilicate glass. At low cost by liquid-based atmospheric and room temperature SDN® Technology.

Served industries: Displays, PV, TFPV, FPD, LED, OLED, Touch Sensors, Smart Windows, Low-e, ARC Solar Glass and many others.

Just a little example of DiffusGuard™ capabilities:

    •  Alkali boiling test of DiffusGuard™ coated soda-lime glass: 16mg/100cm2 mass loss; Hz 0.3% (0.5M Na2CO3 - 1M NaOH, 100°C 3h);
    •  Sheet resistance of ITO deposited on SDN® DiffusGuard™ coated soda-lime glass is consistently 20-25% lower than identically ITO without DiffusGuard™;
    •  Coated soda-lime glass was exposed to a standard selenization, sulfurization cycle up to 525°C. There was no evidence of Se-blooming after processing, unlike uncoated glass that showed reddish blooms due to Na/Se reaction.

We are confident that Advenira’s SDN® Platform offers unique opportunities for high demand industries and advanced products in rapidly growing markets. At low cost by atmospheric and room temperature SDN® Technology and Coatings.