AdvenSol® – Efficient Solar Control

SDN® AdvenSol® AQUA laminated unit, clear PVB

Advenira has successfully solved widely known problems and is able to deliver highly effective Solar Heat Control coating solutions for laminated and monolithic glass at low cost. SDN® AdvenSol® addresses much broader area and effectively meets current industrial challenges. In fact, AdvenSol® is the first in the World Energy Saving glass coating solution which satisfies new PHEV, EV, IoT and self-driving vehicles epoch.

SDN® AdvenSol® can be integrated into industrial production at full size. At low cost by liquid-based atmospheric and room temperature SDN® Technology.

5 YES for Automotive and Architecture glass industry:

    1. Effective at blocking undesirable UV and NIR;
    2. Allowing visible and radio wavelengths, fully transparent for Radiofrequency (RF) signals;
    3. Enable monolithic solar control, i.e. Sidelites and Backlite Automotive Glass;
    4. Superior optical properties, durability and appearance;
    5. Design flexibility: TL, TIR, TTS, Glass, PVB, Color (neutral, blue, green).

What does it mean for the next generation vehicles and buildings? Simple. Increased energy efficiency, fuel economy, EV range per charge, plus all new features without any compromises at all:

    - No ghosting, like double vision at night;
    - No blockage - allows sensors, cameras, autopilots, GPS, cell phones and etc;
    - No poor appearance, like pink, reddish, purple, discoloration or distortion.

Based on multiple studies done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), energy saving automotive glass allows the automotive industry to meet increased demand of EVs range, improved fuel economy of conventional vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and finally meet carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions standards. NREL has showed that If every vehicle in the United States were to save only 0.4 km/L (1 mpg), $4 billion would be saved annually in gasoline and oil costs.