Director of Sales and Business Development, Industrial Coatings

Job Description

The Director of Sales and Business Development performs the critical functions of developing and implementing the tactical Sales/Business Development plans for selling and partnership development and the revenue generation process consistent with the company’s governing strategy and with focus on Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Abrasion UV-curable coatings. The Director primary focus and responsibility is customer creation through direct interaction with prospective and current customers to drive revenue generation and to work with other organizations in developing partnerships that will aid and improve the development of, or service to, prospects and customers. The Director will be responsible for understanding the customer requirements, opportunities and penetration strategies, as well as participating in the process of product development.
We are flexible in terms of working arrangements and can include full-time, part-time, or commission-based compensation. Work location, travel and hours can be discussed and will be optimized for the best results.

Desired Skills & Experience

Must have experience of selling and marketing Protective Coatings for metal, wood and/or plastics;
Experience working with UV-curable coatings and/or UV light-curing Systems is a big plus;
Experience of selling new coating materials or technologies is a big plus;
Experience working in small teams or at a startup is a big plus;
Candidates must speak and write in fluent English;
Bachelor’s Degree (M.B.A. or J.D. preferred) and a minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in business development, marketing or sales.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The Director will perform the following duties and meet the responsibilities for:
Customer Creation and Management (current and new) – 70% to 80% of time – The Director will create and execute tactical sales plans to accomplish the goals; directly or indirectly through subordinates or contractors interact with prospects and customers during and after the sales process as well as potential market partners. These interactions may include direct selling, coordination of critical aspects of the sale to include scheduling prospect visits to the facility, samples processes, preparation of critical information for the selling effort and other related activities. This will include similar action with identified potential market partners. The Director shall in the performance of these duties have the responsibility to meet those goals established and agreed upon and to do so with the allocated human and monetary resources.

Strategy Update – The Director will work with the team in the development and implementation of strategy, strategy updates and tactical plans for the company and markets to ensure that customer creation and partnership development plans are developed, consistent with and properly applied in the strategy. The Director will evaluate and recommend the selection and time of expansion to new markets or new products for existing markets.

Marketing – The Director will work closely with the team in the development of product, applications, and market information to be included in marketing and sales literature to ensure technical accuracy as well market acceptability. This includes the web site, public relations releases, trade show and other industry meetings.

Related Business Development Activities – The Director will work directly with the team in the development of critical operating data for customer creation, and partnership development to be included in financial modeling of appropriate business activities related to the strategy, the development of pricing and pricing policies for products, equipment and engineering services, based on competitive products and services to be used for quotations, literatures and other communication, and the development of operating budgets for business development and sales activities.

Other Duties Assigned – The Director will perform other duties as assigned.