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Toyama – Beauty under rain

It is getting more and more difficult to be in denial regarding climate change – aka global warming. Droughts, wild fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunami are spreading around the globe, “gone by the wind” of GHG emissions - raising concerns about sustainability of our current practices. This summer was extremely “fruitful” with these…

Saint Petersburg – Home City

My beautiful home city, Saint Petersburg, features the so-called “white nights” in the summer to compensate its residents for all the “dark days” in the winter. The shortest night, with a 40-minute time interval between sunrise and sunset, is on June 22. Around the same time a major celebration is happening for all graduates –…

Moscow – Deep Grey Heat

During the week in Moscow there was a record-long “pavement melting” heat wave. I was told it was a fourth or fifth year in a row when the summer in the city has featured such unbearable heat. The hundred thousands of buildings are not equipped with solar control glass and therefore allow all this heat…